A winter walk along Long Island Beach

Long Island Beach-3812Long Island Beach-3898Long Island Beach-4004Long Island Beach-3974Long Island Beach-4103Long Island Beach-4106Long Island Beach-4118Long Island Beach-4029Long Island Beach-4011
Christmas Day we took an invigorating walk on Long Island beach. The wind was howling, the sea angry yet it was so much fun…and COLD! The beach was practically deserted and made our time feel more intimate. To thaw out, we had a picnic of hot tea and cookies waiting in the car. Perfect end to a perfect day.

Photography by Michelle Mack


Museum of Natural History NYC


As we are getting settled into our new home, I thought I’d share a few more New York moments with you and visiting the Museum of Natural History was a highlight. In the main lobby, engraved in all four corners of these fabulous limestone stone walls were quotes by Theodore Roosevelt, which I found moving. The dinosaurs are always a big hit and the halls were packed with people. I kept thinking to myself…”I wonder what happens here after midnight?” Despite my efforts, I found no traces of suspicious activities.



Playing in the snow

Snow on Sunday-4891Snow on Sunday-4904Snow on Sunday-4925Snow on Sunday-4869Snow on Sunday-4855Snow on Sunday-4858Snow on Sunday-4930Snow on Sunday-4941Snow on Sunday-4928Snow on Sunday-4945

It snowed Sunday. Not common for the low lying areas of Seattle, so when it does it’s an invitation for all to come play. The city noise muffled by the freshly fallen snow. Its white canvas conceals the concrete jungle we navigate everyday, giving us a new perspective on our surroundings. Winters beautiful yet fleeting gift.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is home to the worlds most precious & valuable art. Its structure is adorned with intricate architectural detail as you can see above. The Museum's Beaux-Arts Fifth Avenue facade and Great Hall (shown below), designed by the architect and founding Museum Trustee Richard Morris Hunt, opened to the public in December 1902. Today, the Museum's two-million-square-foot building houses over two million objects, tens of thousands of which are on view at any given time.


A comprehensive architectural expansion plan for the Museum by the architects Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo & Associates was approved in 1971 and completed in 1991. The Metropolitan Museum continued to refine and reorganize its collections. In 2007, several major projects at the south end of the building were completed, most notably the fifteen-year renovation and reinstallation of the entire suite of Greek and Roman Art galleries. I photographed some of this lovely exhibit to share with you. Not an easy task when the museum is packed with people.

The two photos above are from the Medieval Art exhibit. This bronze statue which is appropriately named “Winter” by Aristide Maillol was especially captivating.


Wall Street & World Trade Center

Wall Street-4502Wall Street-4474Wall Street-4477
Wall Street-4482Wall Street-4484
We spent Christmas in New York this year, most of it on Long Island with family but we did spend two nights in Manhattan. Not enough time to do NYC right but we did we pack as much in as humanly possible. We took the subway everywhere, which I found really easy to navigate once you got the hang of it.
We planed to visit the magnificent 9/11 Memorial but it was incredibly crowded, so we vowed to visit next time in the early evening hours when the light is optimal. You can preview the 9/11 Memorial here. One World Trade Center is the lead building of the new World Trade Center complex with a completion date of 2013. It will be the tallest building in the United States and among the tallest in the world, with its radio antenna reaching a symbolic height of 1,776 feet in reference to the year of American independence. Love seeing the NYFD drive by.

Wall Street NYC-4497Wall Street NYC-4487
Wall Street-4499


{inspiration} Photographer Lisa Romerein

The first time I saw Lisa Romerein, it was at the Legends of La Cienega event in 2010. Lisa was a keynote speaker discussing an interior design project she photographed. When I saw her work I took notice. Lisa is truly gifted at capturing the very essence of any subject she focuses in on. Every image is perfection. A Seattle native now living in Santa Monica, California, she specializes in food, travel, architecture, interiors, gardens, portraits and lifestyle features for a clients list that reads like a Hollywood A-list. Her photographs have appeared in countless publications and numerous books.

Lisa Romerein shoots in natural light and her work horse is a Mamiya RZ Pro II 67 which is a film camera. She still preferred it over digital options. How do I know this you ask? I wrote her an email after the event, complimenting her work and asked a few questions about the business; she was kind enough to reply and provide words of wisdom. So thank you Lisa, for being my inspiration in photography. Please visit her website to enjoy her lovely work.

Cottage living room after the renovationThe renovated dining and kitchen area of the cottage.

first two images from coastal living
second two images from sunset magazine