Figs. They are as photogenic as they are delicious. Their deep purple & chartreuse exterior makes them a decorative must when dressing up a cheese platter or table setting. When I’m conducting a shoot, I only use natural light no matter the subject. These photos were taken with my Nikon D700 and 24-120mm f/4G lens.



Gifts for the Gardener

gift for the gardener-2

Recently, I discovered a new favorite place to visit…terrain, I just wish they were in my neck of the woods! This fabulous chic yet rustic home and garden store is located in Glen Mills, PA. Lucky for us they have a beautiful website and is visually appealing to peruse. If your list includes gardeners then no need to look any further. Plus, the fine folks at terrain are offering complimentary shipping on all orders over $150 thru January 1st. Shopping just got easier, wouldn’t you say?

Zinc ThermometerMaggie's Harvest

(1) Finally, a thermometer that marries function with style. It’s easy to read and weather resistant. When exposed to the elements, the zinc weathers to a beautiful patina. (2) A terrain web exclusive, this landmark book from one of Australia's best-loved cooks is an essential resource for anyone with an appreciation for sourcing fresh produce, sharing memorable meals, and cooking from the heart. With its beautiful hand-embroidered cover, Maggie's Harvest highlights 350 of Maggie Beer's signature recipes.

Homegrown Garden CardsLavender Gardeners Salve

(3) Illustrated by Rifle Paper Co., this set of homegrown cards features backyard produce, garden wellies, tools, and fresh herbs, found only at terrain for a limited time. $20 (4) Made with fine English lavender from the Bonny Doon farm, the Gardener's Lavender Salve is an effective healing agent for dry elbows, knees, hands, heels and cuticles. $12

Plant This NotepadBlackboard Garden Labels

(5) Let this clever notepad help you plan your garden. LOVE! In a format that allows you to sketch your mini-plan and annotate the execution specifics, plants, tasks, and items to purchase. Perfect for the novice and advanced horticulturalist alike. $28 (6) This set of ten eco-friendly labels are the perfect gardening companion. Made from sustainably harvested birch wood, these blackboard labels help you easily keep track of the plants in your garden. The white chinagraph pencil is perfect for the blackboard as it won’t wash off in the rain-but can be reused to last you many seasons in the garden. $14

All images from terrain


Tis’ the Season for Shopping

Pinned ImageNMO3629_mf

Black Friday kicks off the season of shopping. I love the lights and decorations that adorn the streets and stores during December. It makes me want to bundle up and brave the elements as I sip a hot peppermint mocha but that’s for later…time to shop! Nowadays shopping  doesn’t mean you have to brave the bustle. With catalogs and the internet you can find something for everyone on your nice or naughty list. I’ve always looked forward to The Nieman Marcus Christmas Book. Page upon page of gift giving ideas for him and her or for the home but my favorite section is the Fantasy Gift collection. It is important to mention that most Fantasy gifts also include charitable donations which is lovely.

You’ll find exclusive gifts such as a 27-foot, solid mahogany Hacker-Craft Speedboat for $250,000. Or how about a custom built bespoke library by Assouline, where every nuance of this room will reflect the company's brilliant style through custom carpeting, objets d'art and beautifully framed prints, as well as your intellectual viewpoint. When the decor is complete, the shelves will be lined with a one-of-a-kind Assouline collection, consisting of 250 current and vintage volumes in the genre of your choice. All this for a mere $125,000.

For the auto enthusiast a Ferrari FF that seats four and boasts a 651-horsepower V12 engine. It also includes enrollment in the 2012 Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen, Colorado. Yours for $395,000.

Botany buffs rejoice…a handpicked extraordinary vacation just for you. Round up nine friends and head to Europe's most celebrated flower shows, organized by the exclusive private jet-chartering company, JetWay Private Air. You'll fly first-class style on a Gulfstream G-IV with a JetWay representative as your group's guide, concierge, and wine aficionado. Your destinations include Merges, Switzerland;  Athens, Greece; Avignon, France and London. This opulent package includes two nights and three days at each destination, gourmet in-flight meals, private ground transportation and flower show tickets for $420,000.

You can view the online catalog here which also features exclusive videos like the one below. Happy Shopping!

images: here & here


A Grateful Heart

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It is the most wonderful time of the year.  November brings us the abundance of fallen leaves, winter storms and the indulgence of our favorite foods but most of all it is a precious reminder that family and friends are what matters most.  Whether united under one roof or in spirit, it matters not. It’s giving thanks for all our blessings, knowing that we are loved and the hope each new year brings.  Wishing you and yours a heart-filled Thanksgiving and magical holiday season.

images: here & here


Watson Kennedy


Watson Kennedy is one of my favorite home & gift destinations. The atmosphere is warm and the style European.  It’s as if you wandered into this timeless boutique while perusing the streets of Paris. I’m always amazed how this pint sized space, chock full of treasures, looks so perfectly put together. Not one tag or soap out of place. Ted Kennedy is the owner and his love for design and gift giving shows. You could lose hours pondering and admiring every detail. If you’re ever in Seattle…Watson Kennedy is not be be missed and his stores are conveniently located downtown.  If you can’t make it to Seattle any time soon, don’t fret, they have a lovely easy to use website where you can purchase most anything and have it delivered. Thank you Ted for the visual feast.



The Gum Wall


I know what you must be thinking….disgusting! Right? Well it is. But it is also quite beautiful. Once you get passed that every single piece of gum that is stuck on this wall was chewed by someone just so they could have a place in history, you start seeing the thoughtfulness and the creativity of all these strangers coming together on one long wall. Standing back you can see the mosaic come to life with symbols and messages. We weren’t the only ones there admiring this…well…work of art.  And good thing. I had not one stick of gum to my name and if it wasn’t for the nice folks with their mouths bursting with gum who kindly offered me an UNchewed piece, I wouldn’t have been able to leave my mark in history. Can you tell where I left my mark? Uh…Purell anyone?




Sleepless in Seattle at the Athenian


The Athenian is an iconic restaurant establishment in Pike Place Market. In 2009 it celebrated in 100th birthday.  The Athenian was first opened by three Greek brothers in1909. It started out as a bakery and a luncheonette. Then it was one of the first restaurants in Seattle to be issued a liquor license for beer in 1933. 


Then along came a little movie in 1993 called “Sleepless in Seattle” written by Jeff Arch and then rewritten by one of my favorite writers & directors, Nora Ephron along with her sister, Delia Ephron.  This really put Seattle in the romantic spotlight with it’s infamous houseboat and waterway scenes. 

Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner are walking thru the streets of Pike Place market to lunch at The Athenian. While they are walking their conversation is hysterical as these two discuss dating and how different it is these days.  Rob was doing his best to prepare Tom for the real world as they sat at this very corner of the counter.  Their names now proudly mark this memorable spot. 



Can you believe this movie has been out for almost 20 years?! But you know what…it’s still one of my all time favorites and when I’m under the weather “Sleepless In Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail” always make me feel better.  I’ve included the trailer above as it shows the infamous Athenian scene.  Who knows…maybe next time you’re under the weather you’ll watch this movie and it’ll make you feel better too.




Next week is already Thanksgiving, can you believe it? It was festive browsing through stores this long holiday weekend. Shop windows have been transformed into Christmas wonderlands and there were plenty of shoppers with shopping bags in hand. So I found myself contemplating holiday dinners and how I wanted to decorate my table this year, which made me think of Chargers. Charges are an elegant touch to any table setting and I noticed there is a wide selection available this year. Think of it this way, the plate is the picture. the charger the frame.  Whether your style is traditional or modern, elegant or rustic, the charger is a small detail that makes a big impact.






Market Spice Tea


The history of MarketSpice can be traced back to a small tea and spice shop established in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market in 1911. Through the years, they have offered customers a large assortment of bulk teas and spices. MarketSpice Tea is their "Signature" blend of black tea with spices and cinnamon-orange flavorings. It’s one of my favorite teas year round but especially around the Holidays. When you make a cup the house fills with the lovely aroma of cinnamon. It’s also naturally sweet so no need for sugar.  You can order it online from their website just make sure you look under “Teabags” and then look for cinnamon-orange.  Once you receive it follow the instructions on how to store it properly.  If you ever visit Pike Place Market in Seattle then this is a shop you won’t want to miss.